Expression through art has been my calling from a very early age.

In my early career I concentrated on finely detailed pencil work. Focusing on such detail taught me to analyze structure and composition.

In the 1980’s I collaborated with Allen Hermes, an artist I greatly admire. I assisted him in making oil paints from scratch, stretching canvases and recreating the methods of the early masters.

During this time he suggested that we paint together…so we did.

As I progressed from pencil to paint my work evolved. My paintings are based on realism but many have a very abstract quality, full of emotion and energy.

Since those years I have been very fortunate to travel frequently to Mexico and South America, places that continue to be a huge source of inspiration for my paintings.

My first exhibit was in 1989. I have exhibited widely since …many solo exhibits and many group shows.


Much of my work is inspired by the people and landscapes of South American countries as well as the American Southwest.

I am always drawn to the similarities of people of different cultures…the hard lives that so many live…and the great resolve, strength and dignity they demonstrate to provide for their family and community.

My paintings are alive with color and bursting with the energy of these strong people.

My paintings also reflect the times that we live in … the many difficult issues we face as a nation and how people here and around the world are affected by the conflicts and divisions we are all experiencing.